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People have been wearing jewelry for most of human history. It’s a way for people to show status, creativity, history, and even family lineage in some cases. When people adorn themselves with jewelry, they feel confident and empowered. All these reasons contribute to why the jewelry industry rakes in billions of dollars each year in the United States alone.

What separates the jewelry industry from many other industries is that each product is a piece of art. When you buy jewelry, you purchase a meticulously made reflection of a craftsman’s creativity and skill.

In some cases, jewelry can be an investment passed down throughout generations. It’s an industry worth being proud of, so you’ll want to ensure that your hard work is seen and appreciated as a jewelry seller.

The only way to ensure that your products reach your audience is through intelligent, strategic marketing. Let’s show you how to do this, as well as give you a few ideas that you can use to attract customers and boost sales.

Planning a Jewelry Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the industry, making a comprehensive plan is always valuable. It allows businesses to organize values, goals and make a legitimate roadmap to follow as they try to reach those goals. Without a plan, you’ll find yourself making decisions with less conviction because you won’t have the focus to take you where you want to be.

The benefits of a robust marketing strategy are plentiful, including the fact that it allows you to envision your audience, your product, pricing, and so much more. Here are a few important factors to consider if you want a thriving jewelry business.

Research, Research, Research

Performing quality market research will always provide the framework for a successful business. Research is necessary because it allows you to form a foundation and potentially troubleshoot problems before beginning and investing any money.

This research should focus on understanding trends, studying the competition and your audience, and finding pain points. Additionally, this is the point in the process where you should figure out what type of jewelry you’re planning to sell. View this as homework that must be completed before playing in the industry.


Identify your customer

Knowing who your customer is, what they like, and how they shop is essential to a successful business. One way to perform this research is by organizing your customers into groups. For instance, most industries have periods in which sales are up.

The jewelry industry is interesting because there’s no shortage of customers or events that drive sales. There’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day within one year. Understanding this allows you to focus on these separate groups and adjust your marketing accordingly.


Study the competition

Before starting a new business venture, you must understand who you’re against. The jewelry industry has no shortage of vendors, which means plenty of competition and an increased urgency to answer the question, “what can I provide that they can’t?”

Additionally, as a person who may be new to the industry, studying the competition can give you a framework for how the industry functions. The competition can show you who shops for jewelry, which designer jewelers carry, and how they choose to market to their customers. Understanding these things may give you a rule book you can refer to while building until you’re situated and ready to pave your own path.


Demonstrate value

This industry has a bit of competition. Don’t be discouraged. Competition is natural. The question is, how are you going to compete with them? Competing effectively doesn’t have to be doing everything everyone else does but better.

It could be as simple and complicated as finding out what they aren’t doing and making that a prominent feature of your business. For instance, maybe your business has a wider selection, more unique items, or free cleanings. The goal is to stand out in any way you can.


Attack social media

There are many social media platforms available for businesses. It’s redundant to say it today, but social media is truly valuable to any business, regardless of size or status. Today’s customers often search for products on social media or directly shop for products from these apps.

Tackling social media can be a great way to get your brand out there, especially for a new business. However, remember that not all platforms are the same. Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc., have different audiences, which means adjusting your marketing strategy.


Be open to paid marketing

Although there are many great and free marketing options, there will inevitably come a moment where it proves beneficial to invest in more traditional marketing. Of course, free marketing is the best way to begin.

Still, as you grow, you may want to consider magazine, Tv, or radio advertisements simply because they put your business in contact with a larger demographic. Not everyone can be found on social media or through other free marketing strategies. That being said, for the best success, the best option will always be to implement a mix of traditional and non-traditional marketing.


Marketing Ideas to Increase Sales

Successful marketing strategies can be the difference between an abundance of sales and just barely breaking even. Whether you’re an entrepreneur new to the industry or a more established seller looking for new ideas, applying even a few of these ideas will prove beneficial to your business.


Have a memorable logo

A well-designed, professional logo is essential to any business. Looking professional is half the battle, making your brand seem trustworthy and more recognizable. We can help you with your logo, or if you are on a budget, you can check out Canva Logo Maker to get started.

Start marketing early

Marketing a product shares many basic principles of regular day-to-day life. One clear example is the common phrase, “the early bird gets the worm.” In marketing, starting early at key periods puts you ahead of your competition. Think about it. Suppose you can begin sending out emails, newsletters, or other promotional material about six weeks before major holidays like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

In that case, your brand will be at the top of your customer’s minds when they are ready to shop. Look at jewelry company Castle Gap who made a nice postcard that advertised when their sales would begin and then sent those postcards out early. When it came time to sell, it was reported that Castle Gap had made $22,000 from this postcard campaign alone.


Use fill-in forms

Studies show that about 96% of visitors will visit a website but aren’t ready to buy. They’ll visit and leave, potentially going on to shop from a competitor. So how do you solve this problem? Many jewelers have fill-in forms that pop up as soon as you click on their website.

These allow visitors to leave their email, allowing the jeweler to send promotional deals or other information. The effect of these is that the business stays at the front of the user’s mind so that when they are ready to buy, this business is the first that comes to mind.


Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great tool that allows a user to improve their rank on Google, increasing the likelihood of their website appearing on the first page of Google. This is essential to remain visible as most internet users won’t bother clicking past the first page of search results.

Platforms like Ahrefs can be a great resource for finding the keywords required to boost your ranking. Additionally, the best part of this solution is that it’s affordable.


Respond quickly

Consumers today are accustomed to a world of instant gratification, meaning any experience that results in them having to wait is sure to be remembered as unenjoyable. Not responding promptly means running the risk of losing potential customers.

This is why responding quickly to inquiries, and other points of contact with the customer is essential. To do this, ensure that your email is set up to give real-time alerts and that you’re around to answer these emails. The faster, the better.


Have a strong website

No matter the size of your business, a well-made, professional website is essential in which we provide free audits and consultation. A strong website will advertise your products, story, reviews, and more. It is reported that it only takes approximately 50 milliseconds for a consumer to form an impression of your website and determine whether they stay or go.

Study your competition to get ideas about your website. Platforms like Wix or Squarespace are great ways to make a website for a low cost, and they provide templates so that you’ll easily figure it out even if you have no web design background.


Create a brand story

Consumers value being emotionally invested in the businesses they shop from. This is why creating an emotional connection is invaluable. One way to do this is to create a brand story so that your customers can begin subconsciously connecting to your business.

To do this, you need to understand a few things: who you are, what you do, what you stand for, and why your customers should care. For inspiration, look at The Girl Up Collection, which advertises its brand story across its website and social media. A strong brand story shows customers that they aren’t just buying a piece of jewelry. They’re contributing to this story.

Growing Your Business With Successful Marketing

The jewelry industry is a great business since it’s been around forever and grosses a substantial amount of money every year, both in the United States and internationally. Whether you’re a new business or a more established one, applying the knowledge and strategies above will prove beneficial.