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We work with people and partners with passion, purpose, and a mission to innovate, transform their community, and build legacies.

I love both my platforms. And, my experience of working with Shauna and her team was amazing! Shauna was my point person at The Alfam

I found her and her team to be incredibly talented and thoughtful. She has a gift of tuning into an idea’s emotion and expressing it with images and words. I love the design. I love the polish. And, they are all lovely human beings. I’m excited to work with The Alfam team on future projects!

Liza Auciello

Founder • Elevate You CE & My Best Self

I started working with The Alfam collective in 2018, and we have developed three projects, including my wife.

Our focus on content creation for SEO was at the forefront of all our digital properties. We worked extensively to get the words right, and we did through the various exercises. I love working with Shauna and the team. So authentic and realistic. They are my number one referrer, and I can’t wait to see what I can build in the future.

Daniel Bruce Levin

Founder • The Mosaic

My idea was to create a dating investor app for Real Estate, and I had no clue where to start or where to begin. Shauna and her team came up with the name, style, messaging, technology, and more, literally bringing my vision to life.

My dream came true; now, I am expanding PairGap to get more funding and users thanks to The Alfam. Since working with The Alfam since 2017, we have also partnered to develop my Co-Living properties, Urban Leisure, in Brooklyn, New York. I simply love her aesthetics.

Nikki Merkerson

CEO & Founder • Pairgap

I have been working with The Alfam since 2014 on three separate projects, an international e-commerce B2B and B2C platform, an on-demand fitness application, and a fresh food gourmet delivery service. All exceeded my expectations in terms of design and development. One of the three companies is now global, servicing over 20 countries. Our latest product is now building traction in New York City. Many thanks, and I highly appreciate our partnership.

Edgard Michel

CEO • Peacock Gourmet

The Alfam has a brilliant team that assisted in upgrading my business. I felt completely taken care of regarding the direction I needed to go to scale to the next level. The relationship is truly hands-on and consistent in terms of bringing my vision to life. Since working with them, I recommend them to anyone that needs to build their online presence.

Kristina Alexandra

CEO • Trident Advisory