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Elevate Your Brand

From logos, to color identity, guidelines, and more, we shape who and what you are visually, creating an outcome of positive results that cater to your audience.

Our process makes your brand stand out, build recognition, and create consistency that connects to your audience and loyal customers.

La Rochelle Home is not just about interior design, but complete innovative approach to home living. Working with La Rochelle Home, we branded the Harlem, New York based design studio from identity, brand guidances, messaging, and additional assets to move forward with their digital presentation.

I love it because it’s unexpected. I love it because it’s not cliche. I love it because it’s different and unique.

Rochelle SamuelsCEO & Founder, La Rochelle Home
Queen Pink




Sunset Pearl


Macaroni & Cheese


Misty Moss


Soya Bean


XFIT-15 is a training platform that empowers clients to stay motivated on their own terms. Whether a first time user or seasoned athlete, users get to customize the most comprehensive 15 minutes workout by selecting any XFIT-15 trainer to train at any chosen location.

Our goal was simple. Create a name and logo that is easy to remember. The name broken down e"X"treme "FIT"ness in "15" minutes, was strategized to connect the brand easily with the users.


The the right image to influence your user is within reach.

Knowing who you are, your mission, and your values is the first step.  Our goal is to match your words seamlessly to your image.


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