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Branding is vital to the success of a company, and your company’s ability to brand itself can be make or break. Consumers are concerned with morals, ethics, and having a voice for a cause that matters. However, social justice issues aside, consumers simply want to support a brand they can trust.

They want to feel as though they’re part of a collective when they shop from you, and they want it all to feel fun. So how do you accomplish this? While this may all sound overwhelming, especially for companies that have been successful in the past and think they understand what their company needs, the solutions are actually quite simple. Your brand’s “vibe” will determine how the consumer feels about your company and your product, so you’ll want to make sure your brand’s vibe represents your brand properly.

Why Your Brand’s Vibe Is Important

Your brand’s vibe is a significant determining factor of whether or not your brand is connecting with its intended audience. In the past it might have been enough for a company to have a quality product and a loyal consumer base. However, times have changed and with the popularity of social media as well as the passion of consumers today it is more important for your brand to stand out. Having a quality vibe gives your brand a better chance of standing out amongst the crowd and not being lost to the white noise that is social media. Everyone is constantly advertising themselves or their products. So what makes you any different? Why are you special? You have to have concrete answers to these questions in order to succeed, and starting with raising your brand’s vibe is how you find these answers.

1. Be Meaningful

Consumers today want to buy from a company that they can trust, and often what they want to be able to trust is that the company they’re buying from is ethical and supports the causes they hold dear. You’ve got to ask yourself whether or not your brand currently reflects the causes you stand for. Not backing any causes is arguably just as much of a problem as being duplicitous about your brand’s ethics.

Choose a cause you believe in and find ways to incorporate it into your branding, like making semi-regular posts about your community involvement on social media. Consumers really just want to know that the brands they support are connecting with them on a meaningful level. There are plenty of causes that you can support, do some research and see what suits you.

2. Make Your Product Distinct

One time-tested way to increase your brand’s vibe is to make sure that your product is distinct. One may think,“well no one else makes this product this way, so of course it’s distinct.” That may be true, but can you go deeper than that. Some prominent examples of brands that have mastered making a distinct product are both Coke and Air Jordan.

Think about the unique shape of a coke bottle or the sleek design of Air Jordan One’s. These products are distinct. There is no other bottle like the classic Coke bottle and no shoe like an Air Jordan. They are universally recognized and bring an image to mind at just the suggestion of the brand, which subsequently takes their brand’s vibes to another level. If you’re having trouble with making your product stand out, consider using this resource.

3. Tackle Social Media

Getting your brand on social media is essential to the success of your company. It is nearly impossible to find a company in 2022 that cannot be seen on social media. However, social media platforms are constantly evolving, which is why you should make it your mission to stay on top of the latest trends.

Additionally, part of being successful on social media is making sure your presence is continuously seen. So don’t simply make a post every so often. Tackle the top social media platforms so that you can make your brand visible.

These include: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Learn  more about engagement techniques using Social Media.

4. Consider Your Language

Brands should consider the language that they use to communicate to their target audience. In today’s society, people expect their brands to reflect who they are. One sure-fire way to ensure that your brand is connecting to its audience is to use the same or similar language that your consumers use.

If your brand wants to seem professional, then use the appropriate language. If your brand’s target audience is younger, like millennials or Gen Z, then you may want to consider using more casual language. Perhaps you should even consider being more humorous and targeting the type of humor to your target audience. Think about how effective a simple commercial or advertisement could be when your brand is able to speak to your demographic, without seeming purely informative.

5. Be Consistent

Like we’ve discussed already, successful branding is about being seen and staying in focus. However, it is also about ensuring that the quality of your product never slips. In essence, consistency is key.

So how do you and your brand stay consistent? Successful brands set a degree of excellence for themselves and ensure that their product always meets the consumer’s needs. This is one of those strategies that, if successful, will go unseen by the consumer because they will be content with their purchase. Studies show that accounts that get the most views across social media platforms post regularly. The best strategy for being seen on social media is to make a posting schedule that you adhere to while simultaneously making the most of every form of post that a platform has. For instance, Instagram alone has standard posts, stories, and reels. If you can utilize each of these while adhering to your schedule, then your brand’s visibility will exponentially increase.

Every successful brand understands that their “vibe” is essential to how they are viewed. If you want your brand to stand out then you have to assess your target audience and what their vibe is, so that you can reflect it with your brand. If you can do this, then you can begin utilizing the above strategies in order to increase your brand’s vibe.

The goal is always to make your consumers loyal to you by making them feel comfortable and satisfied with your brand and all that you produce. The first and most important step is to understand who you’re trying to target, and then embrace the many avenues you have at your disposal that can help you communicate with this audience. Remember, simple solutions can create long-lasting improvements.