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Gen Z can be roughly defined as the generation born between 1997 and 2012. Because of the time they were born in and the time they are now coming of age, Gen Z has undeniably become the most fascinating and important demographic to study.

With the oldest of them have been in the workspace for a few years and a new wave of them graduating in 2022, Gen Z are a must-watch generation. Companies that fail to market to this demographic will be in trouble because Gen Z are fast-paced, driven by their ethics, and lack a strong attention span. The companies that can’t adjust will most certainly get left behind.

Here are a few ways to stay relevant in a world where increased attention is being given to Gen Z. Implementing these strategies should be relatively simple, especially concerning the benefits they will yield long term.

1. Have A Cause

Gen Z grew up with rapidly advancing technology at their fingertips, allowing them to witness everything from the latest fashion trends to the latest tragedies.

Now for many of them, they are entering the world as young adults in a post-pandemic world. These experiences have been instrumental in creating who they have become and will become.

This has caused the average member of Gen Z to adopt various causes. Whether it be BLM, LGBTQ+, or economic disparity, Gen Z has the causes they hold dear and want to see their favorite companies reflect.

So consider a cause for your company, but make it something you will be proud to represent and reflect in your company. Gen Z can sense when a company adopts a cause they are not interested in maximizing profits.

Here is a list of the top causes Gen Z cares about.

2. Have Your Morals and Hold Your Company Accountable

If you cannot find a cause that holds meaning for your company, consider making your values known. While not a cause, making your values as a company public knowledge are also a great way to show Gen Z that they can trust your company.

This shows them that they don’t have to worry about potentially breaking their own values when they buy your product. Many companies don’t champion environmental awareness on a large scale, but they will have paper straws or strawless cups to show where their values align.

However, Gen Z craves accountability. Make sure that if you have morals on display, you truly uphold them. Otherwise, Gen Z are likely to take their wallets elsewhere and leave you with a series of negative tweets.

3. Engage every social platform

Gen Z has its preferred social media platforms, so it pays to figure out which ones and how your company can make its presence known on those platforms.

The top three platforms that Gen Z uses the most are:

Figure out which of these platforms works best for your company, and start making content.

Gen Z won’t shop at a place they have never heard of, especially if they cannot find their page on one of their favorite apps.

4. Keep Your Content Quick

Gen Z has a very short attention span, at only 8 seconds, as opposed to millennials’ 12 seconds. While creating content is important, companies have the added challenge of making short, entertaining, and digestible content.

Tik Tok naturally limits its users to one-minute videos, so it may be an adjustment to tailor your ads to fit within this span of time. However, if you can master creating quick and engaging content, then your company will stand above the rest

5. Have a Sense of Humor

Having a comedic effect is powerful in connecting to Gen Z. Gen Z loves a company that they can laugh with, typically against a common enemy. Companies that successfully market to Gen Z can pinpoint a cause for concern of Gen Z and then implement themselves within it by making jokes in a way that aligns itself with Gen Z’s sense of humor.

Look at Wendy’s, for example. They regularly engage in Twitter “beef” (no pun intended) with other users and competing companies like McDonald’s. Doing so makes Wendy’s feel relatable because Gen Z can see the person’s personality tweeting. This makes Wendy’s feel less like a corporation and more like a friend.

Simple Solutions Can Create a Successful Future

The solutions outlined above may be daunting to smaller companies or companies that don’t have an active social media presence, but these truths are self-evident.

Gen Z are very quick to outline their values and stick by them, so companies that can align themselves with these values and methods of expression can prosper in these unprecedented times. Start with just one or two approaches, build your confidence, and go from there.