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In October of 2010 Instagram was a new and exciting platform that a new generation of users could flock to in order to extend and cultivate their digital presence. At the time, much of Instagram’s success was attributed to its simple but effective approach to social media: to provide users with a platform that would allow them to share photographs online. Today this approach doesn’t seem particularly revolutionary, but back in the early 2000’s Instagram’s photo sharing feature made it stand out amongst its competitors.

The Instagram that we have today is many strides ahead of the Instagram of the past, but its approach to social media has all but remained the same. Where users could at one point in the past only post, comment on, and like pictures, today they can do all of this but with reels, stories, and pictures.

The easy to use layout of Instagram allows companies to quickly learn and take advantage of the platform, and the fact that it’s been around for over a decade means that there is already a certain familiarity between user and platform. With so many social media platforms constantly forming and competing for the number one spot, Instagrams enduring success proves that brands can and should utilize the application in order to bolster the success of their business. By choosing to sell their products on Instagram companies are actually choosing a platform with an already large and ever-growing user base that is always eager to consume products that are tailored towards them.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing?

The transition to the digital space had been a steady, gradual process for a long time, but the substantial changes to our world seen after COVID have not only sped up the transition to digital methods. Today the digital marketplace is already cemented as a viable method of marketing, and social media is more often than not the means by which brands interact with their customers. So why is this the case? Social media marketing provides many benefits, many of which can be seen here.

To deny the effectiveness of social media marketing would essentially be to deny a brand a great chance of enduring success. In 2022, social media marketing has proven to be massively influential in the marketplace. 89% of marketers believe social media marketing to be very important and 91% of B2B buyers report actively utilizing social media.

In a day and age where 58.4% of the entire world can be seen on social media it would actually prove shortsighted for a brand to not make its presence known online.

Why Sell on Instagram?

While there are many social media platforms to choose from when deciding to take a marketplace online, there is a reason that Instagram remains one of the most popular platforms amongst brands. After over a decade of success, Instagram boasts some impressive statistics that benefit brands. Some of these statistics include the fact that there are 200 million business accounts on Instagram and 90% of users follow at least one brand. However, these are not the only benefits.

Connecting with a new audience

Instagram’s user base is both vast and diverse, meaning everyone from a single entrepreneur or influencer to a well-established brand stands to gain something from using the platform. Many different demographics can be found on Instagram with the largest group being those ages 18-24. Understanding the many people that can be reached through Instagram allows brands to formulate an effective marketing strategy.


Building brand awareness

On a platform like Instagram brands have the ability to flesh out the goals, values, and overall personality of their business. Instagram’s notable features, such as captions and hashtags on posts, allow brands to appeal to their audience in a more personal way. Capitalizing on every feature Instagram provides means brands have a higher chance of staying visible on the platform, thus driving sales and fostering success.


Audience Engagement

One major benefit Instagram provides brands is the level of audience engagement its users have. Not only are there countless users on Instagram, these users also report being more engaged with their content. According to statistics, Instagram is the top social media app in terms of audience engagement, with Instagram’s rates being six times higher than Facebook’s.


Instagram continues to be a leader in the digital marketplace as compared to its contemporaries, and the reasons why this is the case are clear. With Instagram, brands can trust that their content is being seen.

The Best Strategies For Selling Products on Instagram

Now that we’ve gone over exactly why Instagram is a great way to market a business and sell products, let’s begin tackling the best ways for a business to go about this. Utilizing the following practices will allow a brand’s market to grow and prove beneficial to any business long term. These tips allow sellers to better promote and interact with their customers throughout the buying process.


Consistently Post Products

On Instagram consistency is king. If a brand wants their product to be visible to their audience then simply posting a picture of the product isn’t enough. The way that the Instagram algorithm works is that it rewards consistency. Therefore, creators who consistently post will gain more followers which means more potential buyers. Staying active means a brand remains visible to its audience and that their products are more frequently seen, increasing the likelihood of sales being made. Take Wayfair as an example. Wayfair posts daily and oftentimes these posts market a specific product. Even when Wayfair isn’t posting their products, they still make relevant posts that highlight their brand and services.

Go Behind the Scenes

Customers today have proven to be more likely to spend their hard-earned money on a brand that they feel connected to. One way to foster this connection between brand and customer is by letting the customer in on the action. By showing them how a product is made, how a product can be used, and even who is making these products is a great way to create this connection. Take J. Crew and their approach to Instagram. Their page features a segment called Style Hacks which aims to show customers how certain products can be worn or styled. This adds an extra dimension to both their product and their promotion.

Share Media of Customers Using the Product

Customers are more likely to purchase a product that they know other people enjoy. This is the reason many companies feature product reviews on their website, because they understand that a good review is likely to lead to future sales. Take GoPro as an example. GoPro posts pictures, videos, and reels daily in order to showcase the quality of their products. But here’s the catch: this media is recorded by customers and then posted by GoPro. This approach not only keeps GoPro consistent, but also succeeds in marketing their product through other customers. This approach is so successful because of how effortlessly it promotes both their product and overall customer satisfaction.

Encourage Interaction

Allowing consumers to interact with a brand allows customers to not only feel connected to a brand, but also share their experiences with a product. This in turn allows a company to take relevant feedback and use it in their approach to social media. Customer interaction can be fostered in a variety of ways. One such way is through Instagram’s sticker feature which allows customers to learn more about a product by simply interacting with the sticker posted in a brand’s Instagram story.

Partner With Influencers

Instagram is a platform that boasts a large quantity of influencers. These influencers have managed to successfully market themselves despite the fact that many of them don’t offer any products or services. Their brand is themselves, and they have proven time and time again that they know how to market that successfully. That’s why many brands have chosen to partner with influencers so that they can capitalize off of an influencer’s audience. Consider La Croix who regularly partners with micro-influencers to promote their products.

Live Shopping Streaming

Live shopping is a feature that allows brands to sell products via a livestream on Instagram. This feature works so well because it allows brands to sell a product while interacting with their customers in real time. While using this feature, a seller can tag a product in their catalog so that potential buyers can simply tap the “Add to Bag” button before checking out. This level of interaction with the customer creates a more intimate shopping experience while also allowing for an immediacy whenever a customer wants to make a purchase. Take Aldo for example as they regularly host a livestream shopping event. One of their events featured stylist Mimi Cuttrell and TikToker Nate Wyatt. This event proved successful enough to raise engagement by 308%.

Making the Most of Instagram Will Boost Sales

Social media has long been a fantastic way to boost brand awareness and generally foster success for a business. With over a billion total monthly users and the ease with which consumers can be reached, it’s clear that Instagram provides everyone from a sole entrepreneur to a well-known brand with a viable opportunity to conquer the digital marketplace. Should brands be interested in taking the next step, they should look no further than taking to Instagram to make their presence known.