Bearden 100

#80 Prevalence of Ritual - Tidings - 1964
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Regina Agu

Prevalence of Ritual - Tidings - 1964

Bearden was one of my first introductions to collage as a youth, and one of my earliest inspirations. I selected this image as it exemplifies some of the aspects I love most about Bearden's work: how he extended and pushed the boundaries of collage, in this case using photostat and projection along with his mastery of layers, materials and varied source imagery. This piece is brilliant and rich as Bearden combines the ancient and the contemporary, the ritualistic and the mundane.

Regina Agu

Interdisciplinary Artist
Houston, TX

“Oracle” - Collage and gold paint on vinyl film, gold paint on vintage textbook paper - 2012 - 9 x 12 in

Regina Agu lives and works in Houston, TX. Her work has been included in exhibitions and readings at New Museum (NY), Fresh Arts (TX), Textile Arts Center (NY), TSU Museum (TX), Mountain View College (TX), labotanica (TX), and Project Row Houses (TX), among other venues. She is a 2012 Houston Arts Alliance Grantee. In 2011, she was an Artist-in-Residence at Atlantic Center for the Arts (FL), and was a participant in the DW(2) Development Workshops at Diverseworks.

My work explores hidden and forgotten histories. Through drawing, collage, installation, photography, and performance, I use my work to delve into bodies of shared memory and explore our collective experiences. I excavate ideas and rituals that we inherit from family, from our backgrounds, and from our most basic instincts. I view my physical body as a reservoir of shared experiences and myths.

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