Bearden 100

#79 Under Morning Skies - 1982
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Rabéa Ballin

Under Morning Skies - 1982

To me Under Morning Skies exemplifies what I love about Bearden’s work the most – his ability to tell a story with the most interesting snippets of shape and form. His carefully placed appropriated imagery serves as memory flashbacks, a way for the viewer to reminisce with their own past.

Rabéa Ballin

Visual Artist/Professor
Houston, Texas

#000000 Year: 2012 Medium: Lithography Size: 30 x 46 inches

Rabéa Ballin is a visual artist born in 1973. Her work reflects the experiences and consciousness of being raised in two diabolically different countries. She converges imagery and context of the sum total of her life experiences being a mixed race, multicultural female. She currently lives and works in Houston, Tx.