Bearden 100

#36 Firefly - 1962
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Mary Chang

Firefly - 1962

Firefly,  an abstract, creates a feeling of sculpture with male and female qualities. My energy travels to the  hard edge lines, opaque color on the outer rim  grounded in deep green and orange yellow.

The eye moves off the center,  the work speaks in subtle layers  of neutral tones that feel like a human bust.  Romare Bearden brings a contour line around this neutral area of tonal mastery .  The shapes, brush marks, lines and  haunting pinkish  illumination draws me into a meditation... A magical work that leaves me returning and wanting more...

I chose this work of Romare Bearden's  because it exemplifies his genius to interchange and express conversations in gestural, line, hard edge, a true story teller using various art forms and color to speak globally, I continue to travel through his expression that is beyond words; an intimate encounter with the artist and artist and his art.

Mary Chang

July 28th, 2011

Mary Chang

Interdisciplinary Artist
Brooklyn, NY

Spirit of Fire

Mary Chang was born in lower Manhattan, New York, USA.
She was raised in Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, where she continues to live and work.

She has exhibited her work in galleries, museums, cultural centers throughout Tri-state Area, Massachusetts ,California and Brazil.

Her theater experience includes Europe tour with La Mama Experimental Theater
Fragments of a Greek Trilogy, In-Ter-View co wrote, performed and toured with the Werktheater of Basel Switzerland. Immigration office -co wrote, performed with the Immigrant’s Theater Project. New Directors Film Festival MoMA / Lincoln Center /Manhattan by the Numbers director Amir Naderi. worked with emerging film directors Jamie Luce and Rane Parish.

Artist Statement
“The first mark on the surface is the indelible mark creating the next, I am exploring. I consider the open spaces as well as filling an entire space in the work. I translate energy into compositions of their own rhythm and life force. My aim is to give color, texture and form, the freedom to compliment and agitate, contain and scatter into the synergy of emotion and composition. I experiment with acrylic, oil, airbrush, hand ground pigments, threads and graphite. The printmaking techniques I employ are monotypes, chine collé and photo etching. I paint on a variety of surfaces doors, windows, wood, glass, canvas and paper. I bring things of different nature together and examine the possibilities. The work becomes a situation that I choose not to control in terms of result. I begin with the materials and allow the work to surface. I am interested in the process of moving the work from a point that is connect to myself while traveling on it own energy as I connect back and forth in the experience.