Bearden 100

#28 Miss Bertha and Mr. Seth - 1978
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Kate Fauvell

Miss Bertha and Mr. Seth - 1978

“I am afraid, despite my intentions, that in some instances commentators have tended to overemphasize what they believe to be the social elements in my work. But while my response to certain human elements is as obvious as it is inevitable, I am also pleased to note that upon reflection many persons have found that they were as much concerned with the artistic implications of my paintings as with, what may possibly be, my human compassion”.   - Romare Bearden

The ways Bearden has captured the realities of humanity have always been an inspiration to me. He is expresses and portrays what is real, he sees and understands people in an extrordinary way.

Kate Fauvell

Painter/Public Artist, Community Builder/ Educator
Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, 54" x 96" ink, acrylic and spray paint on vinyl, 2010

Kate Fauvell is New York City native, born and raised in the borough of Queens. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn.  She received her BFA in Draiwing from SUNY Binghamton and  MFA in Painting from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Kate is a painter, public artist, community builder and educator. She has exhibited in various galleries throughout New York City.

Kate runs an after school/ gang prevention program for junior high school students that uses art and sports to build leaders and community.

Currently she is working on a public art project called 1.1. She is creating 1.1 million life size paintings of  children, one to represent every child in a NYC public school. These paintings will be installed in schools, public spaces and galleries throughout the 5 boroughs.

She redefines the idea of traditional painting by introducing it in public spaces and using it for large social change.  Her work is a voice for children.