Bearden 100

#38 Introduction For A Blues Queen - 1979
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Jocelyn M. Goode

Introduction For A Blues Queen - 1979

Introduction For a Blues Queen" is an archetype of Romare Bearden's
ability to abstract urban scenes while still leaving clues that situate
the image in a specific moment in time. In this case, the moment is when
warmth and light break through a cold, staid reality, symbolizing hope and
reawakening. This is expressed by the shift in color, where the warm
yellow interjects between the cool, surrounding whiteness.

Jocelyn M. Goode

Bay Area & New York

"Ode to Romare", deconstructed watercolor painting, glue, acrylic, gesso, 2004

Definition of Me as an Artist:

The work I make is based on my position of artist as cultural
documentarian, with a focus on Black, Underground and Urban subjects.
Employing painting, drawing, photography, and technology and now interactive performance, I produce visual experiments to explore social,
emotional, and experiential aspects of Black, Urban and Underground life.
I have an intense fascination with the cultures existing beyond the
mainstream status-quo, in cities around the world.

My expressions rely on bold usages of color and a play between refined,realistic representation and loose, spontaneous strokes; digital
art-making techniques and technical, formal drawing; all while highlighting
unexpected contrasts and revealing overlooked similarities.