Bearden 100

#46 Heavy Freight-Mecklenburg Evening - 1982
By Romare Bearden

Selected by jasmine murrell

Heavy Freight-Mecklenburg Evening - 1982 Collage Mixed Medi

Romare Bearden was a master of mix media and collage.   You can see his influence on contemporary mixed media artists both in the United States and internationally.  His use of color to invoke magical, yet complex landscapes was sublime.

jasmine murrell

mix-media artist
Brooklyn, NY

Captured Consciousness 1# mix-media on records, 2011

I frequently work with in a thematic series that primarily examines

ideologies found in American culture. My aesthetic is drawn to a

grotesque but beautiful sensibility as I find brilliance and energy in

objects that invoke story or memory.  I engage the viewer to witness

and contemplate another perspective in the way we view our selves and

our connections to each other. In doing so, I strive for my audience

to discover new forms of expression, to heal old wounds, to question

institutions and traditions, and to invoke new concepts from my work.

Time and memory are mutable and uncertain and we can only count on the

inherent ability of all living things to adapt and transform to



Born in Detroit, Michigan, Jasmine Murrell is a Brooklyn-based visual

artist that received her BFA in Fine Art at Parsons School of Design,

and is currently enrolled in Hunter College’s MFA program.


Having exhibited nationally and internationally for a decade,

Jasmine’s works were featured in venues including the Detroit African

American Museum/ The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American

History of Detroit, the Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts’, the Toronto Biennial, and the Preto Gallery in Salvador, Brazil.