Bearden 100

#16 John Lindsay - Time Magazine
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Edouard Steinhauer

John Lindsay - Time Magazine, 1964

I chose this image by Romare Bearden because the subject matter reflects our current social economic situation today in America. The image depicts a divided system of with the marginalized minorities students at top in contrast with Wall Street and the Corporate America a the bottom with Mayer Lindsey (1968) at the center. Even though the image was constructed to depict the failing policies of the mayor in New York City at the time the subject matter seems timeless and endemic of America as a whole even by “todays” standards. With the recent bailouts of corporations and banks to the cut backs in education and social services alone with Washington’s in ability to compromise and even negotiate, the people that suffer the most are Blacks and minorities. Import it reflects on a government system that is either purely corrupt by nature or totally dysfunctional in character.

Edouard Steinhauer

Conceptual Artist
New York, NY

Trojan Council, Mixed media with detail, 2008

Edouard Steinhauer is a conceptual artist who creates work that operates on the oscillating frequencies of reciprocal colonization occurring within late modernism and our ingrained acceptance of the current "global order." the concepts that are derivative through his work unhinges our beliefs about our relation to the world and provoke new perceptions of associations, and representations of places and people.

The installations can be seen as a material guide through the underworld of contemporary society and an alternative way of understanding daily life, as a system that opens a space where conventional ritual can be loosened, opening the door to the possibility of new creative adaptations and alternate routes of retrieval and assimilation. As such, the form is a hedge against the contradictions, the known and unknowns of modern life. But on a personal level they mimic the magical thinking immanent in every aspect of contemporary life. Steinhauer's generative work is deeply traditional, while speaking to a secular animism that haunts our quotidian reality.