Bearden 100

#81 Imaginary Garden - Homage to Marianna Moor
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Anna Lise Jenssen

Imaginary Garden - Homage to Marianna Moor

I’m inspired by the multifaceted Bearden and the simultaneously fragmented and cohesive way he conveys a sense of place and people - as well as with his personal engagement.  This collage and title reminds me of recent conversations with community gardeners about art, hard work, local gathering spots, jazz and dreams.

Anna Lise Jenssen

Lives in Fjellerup, Denmark, and NYC, US.

“Garden Salad,” 2012, decorated cake, a feature of my project A Lot.

Anna Lise Jensen makes interdisciplinary artworks about personal and social space: researching, creating and sharing spatial pockets outside and within existing structures - in order to rest, reflect, facilitate interactions and bring about action. For her project A Lot, she collaborates with urban gardeners and fellow artists, and further interests include creating platforms to desegregate MFA artists and “outsider artists.” She is a member of tART, a contemporary feminist collective in NYC, and she is the recipient of a grant from Manhattan Community Arts Fund and a commission from the Queens Arts Council. Her work is in the collection of Candida Höfer and Edward Hopper House, and she holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Hunter College as well as an MA in International Relations from University of Chicago.