Uplifting The Marginalized

Our initiatives at The Alfam is increase inclusivity for often underrepresented groups.

Our goal is to provide tools and resources for Minority-owned, Women, and the Gen Z, recognizing and aiding towards their success.


With our resources and tools, our goal is to coach and educate those in need.

As a diverse company, we have experienced the pitfalls of lack the resources, funds, and tools to expand and grow.  Leading with our talent, we strived to scale.   We now offer to help others to develop ideas and answer questions in assisting towards their success.

Minority-owned Businesses

With Minority-owned businesses only receiving about 1% VC funding, we are prepared to be strategic with our approach to lean production and development


6% of women started businesses achieve funding. We assist women continue to break the glass ceiling.

Gen Z

Younger generations has proven to have a heightened sense of world sympathy. With their ideas of changing the narrative, we are there to support.
How We Can Help

Providing expertise for your business goals

We offer a variety of services to assist from your initial start to growth.

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Coaching & Consulting

We coach and consult through difficult processes to gain clarity on goals.

Design & Development

We advise on the latest technologies and basic assistance for digital products.

Strategy & Business Development

From formation to scaling, we provide curated outlines for scaling.

Digital Marketing

Learn all the vital tools for marketing online through our processes.

Projects We Supported

Minority, Women, and Gen Z owned startups and businesses.

Manor Electric NY


Electric supply and fixtures for the NYC metro area.

Foster Brand


Foster Brand is a marketing and brand development agency designed to promote and enhance leading beverage and new lifestyle brands.

E-SPŌ Mobile App


Fantasy mobile experience for E-Sports gamers.

Rich Girl Candy


Boutique fashion shop for Women and Girls.

Self Care Doc


Find a space that suits you and your work.

BLK Squares


Clothing for the Culture.

No Limit Hair


Quality hair at affordable prices.

Ecno Green


Commercial and residential agriculture products. First product, The Retention Kit.

Psychiatrists For Medical Cannabis


Understanding Medical Cannabis as it benefits life and wellbeing for all.



Shaping Him Into Future Talent. Foundation based in Atlanta and New York.

Music Paint Sip


Music Paint Sip was formed out of a love of music, the arts, and all things fun.

Saling Autistic Seas


Kpana Kpoto, the founder of Sailing Autistic Seas, is an advocate who helps families of children with disabilities, get the support they need to function and thrive.

Ready to take the next step and grow?