Pairgap connects people to buy property together based on combined buying power and compatibility.

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The Client

Nikki Merkerson is a Community Development and Housing Specialist. She is a real estate investor & developer, advocating for and empowering others to make smart investments.

She is the founder of Pairgap, an innovative web platform that matches ideal partners to one another with the intent of buying property together. The platform makes homeownership both accessible and affordable. Nikki strongly believes that by leveraging today’s shared economy and matching potential buyers to one another, more people will have the opportunity to build wealth through co-ownership.

Our mission

Co-ownership helps mitigate the hurdles of homeownership and Increases your chances of loan approval. At PairGap, we’re reimagining homeownership to fit into your actual life and we’ve streamlined the co-buying process to make it as painless as possible.

And this doesn’t only mean finding the perfect home. It’s about finding the right loan, payment plan, location, and everything in between. We’re revolutionizing home buying, guiding you every step of the way.

We’re breaking down industry walls and putting the power of homeownership in your hands.

Success Story

“As first time home owners we hit many dead ends when looking for homes on our own and were getting discouraged. PairGap educated us on the home-buying process and put us in touch with the perfect team. Just a few weeks later we found the perfect investment property and are now in the process of closing on the property. PairGap helped us make our dream come true and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become a homeowner.”

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What is Pairgap?

The new approach to homeownership.

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