All-in-One Enterprise Level Digital Accessibility Solution

AllyAble360™ is the only end-to-end enterprise-level compliance platform that incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced image processing to provide 24/7 real-time scanning, automatic remediation capabilities, and state-of-the-art web development tools to simplify your digital asset design and remediation process.

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Allyable has always placed data protection at the forefront of our technology development since the beginning, with ongoing investments in key privacy and security elements.

The client

Allyable needed to upgrade its brand and visuals to engage users and partnerships in the accessibility space.

The mission

We redesigned the application to lead in the competitor landscape, encompassing their vision and business values.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) crowd-sourcing and image processing technology, AllyAudit intuitively knows to adjust its scanning input for each visitor’s individual situation, thus dramatically increasing the audit accuracy and reducing false-positives.


Using AI, each time an end-user interacts with your digital pages or assets, the encounter is logged and leveraged to better understand the functions of every aspect of their experience.


This is the only accessibility plug-in that many digital creators need to develop assets with accessibility in mind and meet compliance guidelines in the design phase!

Style guide

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Critical Box and buttons

Our accessibility plug-in lets you easily and safely develop online content that meets accessibility compliance guidelines, and debugs, audits, updates and maintains your digital assets so they are accessible to users with and without disabilities.

Fix Code

Our accessibility dashboard is essential to manage all of your AllyAble360 modules, compliance projects and ticket integrations in one central place.

Design with Accessibility in Mind

AllyAble360™ was created as a modular solution that incorporates a full suite of the software tools developers appreciate most. So, your development team is now able to design digital assets with accessibility in mind from the beginning, while building an internal standard of accessibility for your organization.

The result


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