Bearden 100

#55 Saxophone Improvisation - 1986
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Tyrone Brown-Osborne

Saxophone Improvisation - 1986

Bright, playful, masterfully composed, full of lyricism and energy, Saxophone Improvisation departs notably from earlier Bearden collages and returns him full swing to his days as a jazz (Seabreeze) songwriter and watercolorists. Like much of his work, Saxophone represents the layered exposition one comes to understand in much of Bearden’s work, the piece itself is not only suggestive of three musicians, but it is also a direct commentary and response to being and to creating; the essential need we are have to express our individuality, form communities, and express that which is best in us. - Tyrone Brown-Osborne

Tyrone Brown-Osborne

Photographer, Videographer
Brooklyn, NY

Justice X - from the series "Funky Black Angels"

Tyrone Brown-Osborne has documented work around issues of social justice, African-American sub-culture (Funky Black Angels), a series of West African portraits (Remembrance) and, his first directorial video, The Wonder of Lilies. His resume includes exhibitions at Capla/Kesting Gallery, the Time/Life Gallery and The International Center of Photography. He has photographed for publications, which include The Village Voice, The Fader, XXL, and The Source, striking a distinctive signature with his portraits of artists Kanye West, John Legend and others.In 2005, he received a Puffin Foundation grant for his work as a guest curator at Skylight Gallery (Bklyn, NY) for producing Fire In The Belly: Free Expression & Individualism.