Bearden 100

#65 The Night Bather - 1985
By Romare Bearden

Selected by roycrosse

The Night Bather - 1985

My first exposure to Bearden was his paintings. I was showing in a small gallery in Toronto and Bearden was in the adjacent room. He was not yet famous but I made a connection with his work then. Reminiscent Renoir's bathers, Bearden's Night bather exploits the medium full range and gives us a animated figure.


Multi Media Artist
Baltimore, MD

River.  Graphite on Canvas: Dimensions: 57 x 100 inches date: 2012.

Mindful of a sense of place, history and the machinations of an ever changing environment, I have tried to find common ground between an increasingly complex world politic, and the more fundamental aspects of life.

Unfortunately, the business of good health, shelter and security is still in the hands of too few, and conflict is too often resolved, if at all, with the big stick.

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago Studied in Toronto, Canada before coming to the USA. A visiting artist at Maryland Institute College of Art, Massachusetts College of Art, Bloomfield and Lafayette colleges among others, work is included in several museums and public collections. The recipient of several awards and commissions.