Bearden 100

#69 Three Women In A Garden - 1980s
By Romare Bearden

Selected by Anthony E. Boone

Three Women In A Garden - 1980s

The reason why I chose "The Women In A Garden 1980" the first thing that jumped out at me was the rich, vibrant, choice of  colors that Mr. Bearden put in this work, its a memorable  piece. Second it took me back as a child watching my Grandmother Marie Bobo,  and my aunt Evelynn planting flowers, tomatoes, green peppers, and peas on the side of the house, down in Spartan South Carolina. My cousin and I use to eat the tomatoes right off the vine, talk about good eating!

Anthony E. Boone

Abstract Artist
Rahway, NJ

Flaming Star Nebula_-_2010 36X36X1.5 Acrylic Mix Media on canvas

Artist Statement


Those that wear that badge of natural ability, possessing proficiency in their field of endeavor are often applauded for such innate professionalism and talent. And those self-taught artists that cross the divide without constraint like Louis Armstrong are considered geniuses.

As a 19 year veteran freight conductor for Conrail, since becoming a professional artist in 2005, Anthony’s new career has skyrocketed beyond his wildest dreams. “I just loved painting...even the smell of paint. I never thought it would be a substantial career. I would’ve been happy with a just a compliment that my work had merit. For me it was about sharing and relating to people. So I went to the streets, selling my work on the sidewalk.”

One sidewalk that presented a turning point in Anthony’s career was when he set up one day in Soho, NYC. A voice called out to him and said, “Your paintings are too good to be sold on the street.” The voice belonged to the sales representative for iconic artist Jamali. She was standing in the doorway of the Jamali Gallery admiring Anthony’s work. Stunned at the praise of such a world-class organization, Anthony began to apply himself even more; creating pieces with the desire to have everyone experience something special through his work, channeling a place they can call home.Art consultant and Montclair Arts Council Founder Patricia Selden once commented Anthony’s work was comparable to Jackson Pollack, raising the bar even higher for him to aspire.

“For someone of Ms. Selden’s stature to mention me in the same breath with Mr. Pollack, made me take stock of who I am and what I’m doing. My adrenaline rush (to create) is being guided by the Universe and my eyes are its pilot. This is why I never sign my paintings. I actually place my thumbprint on the back of each completed piece. My work is for everyone to share and possess...not just on their walls but in their hearts.”